Our Story

Vita is not just our name it’s also our mission as the process that we give life in the jars that we produce. All those millions of jars full of love that we produce every day are the result of many years of investment in our company Hortena.

As a family-run company Hortena is committed to tradition, but we also strive for constant innovation. You can see clear evidence of this in our product range and with developing our own brand, Vita.


As a company that produces a few types of peppers we are committed to grow the best, with quality that cannot be compared to anything and our top priorities above all peppers is Fillets. Since we all know that food is fundamental need there for, we pay great attention to achieving the very best in quality – from the sustainable cultivation of raw materials through to careful processing methods for our natural products. Keeping the bigger
picture in mind, we adapt every single step in the manufacturing process to the requirements of our current times. The consistently high quality of Vita’s products is a direct result of this unique combination of factors.


Vita pickles are carefully selected gherkins produced in controlled environment by Hortena. Our gherkins are grown in highest quality soil made with materials that are quality proven, selected, specified and then put into production by the traditional recipe to save the taste that is kept for years. The annual harvest of cucumbers for the popular pickled gherkins starts in June. A job that requires a lot of skill and, above all, a lot of staff. The plants are too sensitive for mechanical harvesting. The workers harvest the vegetables by hand, then the fresh field crops are put into the glass as quickly as possible. A major challenge when processing pickling cucumbers is that it is not possible to preserve the original taste which we think we have achieve it.


When your table requires diversity, you know where to turn, our salads are the best, quality proven, fresh and you will never forget the taste. The origin and quality are always at the center of our considerations. Our production (such as cabbage, beetroot, other vegetables) often come directly from our fields. Production takes place under strict Hortena quality guidelines. Ready-to-serve salads in delicious variations are particularly popular in the households. In addition to saving time, these products also offer consumers a delicious side dish.



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